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Individualised De-brief

At a mutually agreeable date and time between
Thursday, October 15 2020 - Sunday, November 15  2020

Cost: $50* for IDI Assessment personalized debrief 
•      Are you curious about your intercultural skills and how to develop them?
•      Are you contemplating  taking an assessment that measures intercultural competency
•      Are you interested in acquiring or re-assessing your intercultural baseline?
•      Are you wondering about the Intercultural Development Inventory  assessment (IDI)?
•      Are you considering using an assessment tool in your organization or training practice?

Intercultural competence within the intercultural field is a growing practice, and there are a number of different assessment tools available. Assessment helps establish a baseline and it also allows for conversations around intercultural barriers, etc. etc. This assessment is for people who are interested in acquiring or re-assessing  their baseline and moving forward along their intercultural competence journey,  or  are considering using an assessment tool in their organization or training practice.

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) is a reliable and validated set of 50 multiple-choice questions formulated to provide a group or an individual with insight and information about their mindset/skillset regarding cultural difference and commonality. The IDI questionnaire takes about 20–30 minutes to complete. 
Prior to the IDI workshop held on 08 October 2020, participants could individually take the IDI. Then, during the workshop, the participants learnt more about the continuum and received a summary of their group’s specific IDI. As the IDI describes intercultural development as a continuum, the summary will also provide suggestions for strategies and activities to further develop appropriate adaptations to cultural differences, recognizing commonalities between ourselves and others. Success in achieving goals to adapt in culturally appropriate ways with diverse individuals and groups is better served when there is a deeper understanding of culturally-learned differences. A discussion  followed on considerations for using  intercultural assessments. 
Participants who would like to understand their own individual IDI summary can choose to have a confidential one-to-one conversation with a qualified administrator. Names and individual results will be confidential.

To learn more about the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), please watch this 3.5 minute video
An Introduction to the Intercultural Development Inventory

Further details about the development and use of the IDI can be found here:

*The individualized de-brief will be scheduled with a facilitator at a mutually agreeable date and time between October 15 and November 15, 2020. 

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