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My Perspective, My Voice Videos

SIETAR BC is very excited about a video project we finished this year. “My Perspective, My Voice”. The project was generously sponsored by the Multiculturalism Branch of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture.  


The project aims to highlight the stories and perspectives of individuals who have traditionally been marginalized in society. The intention of this video series is to promote greater awareness and understanding and to help create a more inclusive world for all. Each story is unique to the individual and they will speak from their own lived history. By sharing these stories and experiences, we hope to enable viewers to hear views that are perhaps different from their own. We aim to educate people in a way that is accessible – with videos and online.

Nemat Haroon on being a Refugee from Afghanistan and a first generation UBC student.

Camille Ramhbarat on being Black in Canada and her personal experience with Racism and Bullying.

Jaskirat Malhi on being a first generation UBC student and advocating for international students.

Anu Pala on living with complete vision loss and how she learned to thrive and be an advocate and spokesperson for people living with diverse abilities.

Jimmy Aitken on being Indigenous, navigating education, experiencing bullying, and now helping Indigenous youth navigate post secondary institutions.

Shantel Ivits on being Trans and their journey navigating life while inspiring others.

Zahra Fazal on being a first-generation low-income Muslim international student from Tanzania and her experience adjusting to university and navigating Canadian life while supporting others.

Doris Mah on being Chinese Canadian and an anti-racist activist in Canada.

We are also excited to work with videographer Teejita Gupta, who helped us film and edit these stories.

We hope that viewers will reflect on these powerful stories and implement what they learned into their daily life to stop all forms of discrimination.

Tanya Cowie and Anu Pala - Past Project Leaders

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