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SIETAR BC’s First Culture Wednesday: Art in the Time of Covid, with Sandeep Johal

On November. 18th, 2020, visual artist and muralist Sandeep Johal kicked off the inaugural Culture Wednesday event and presented “Art in the Time of Covid.” Sandeep shared some of her work and her process as we discussed the artist’s response to political and social upheaval, and the role art can play as a vehicle for change and connection in uncertain times.

Sandeep is a Canadian visual artist who is inspired by her South Asian heritage. She shared that she feels art is a way of creating awareness regarding issues of cultural identity, equality and human rights. She especially focuses on gender justice.

We were very inspired by her beautiful artwork. Her art is joyful and has a lovely aesthetic quality even though it portrays many of the tragic events in her community.

Sandeep’s art can be seen on murals all over Vancouver and is featured in the book Stories for South Asian Super Girls by Raj Kaur Khaira.

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