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Emmanuel Jal Recommends Some Colourful ‘Pills’ to Swallow

The Emmanuel Jal event on March 26th was very popular, attracting over 70 participants. Emmanuel described the trajectory of his life as a child soldier, and explained how his life had been transformed by an aid worker who ‘rescued’ him. He shared his refreshing outlook on life, and encouraged participants to live their passions, to be bold and brave and to speak out about things they wanted to change in the world. Emmanuel advocates for finding your life’s purpose, developing resilience, and being part of the solution. He has developed a clear path for achieving those things, and he uses a three-step process, with a medicinal approach using pills as a metaphor. The first step, Red Pill is to create your personal mantra/belief statement. The second step, the Blue Pill is to invest in self-learning and learn more about which habit to create. The third step, the Yellow Pill, is to immerse yourself, using meditation to internalize new pathways, to reinforce this learning, and to change how your heart and mind functions. By practicing these actions, the brain releases neurotrophins to reinforce pathways and establish new, positive, constructive habits, attitudes, and behaviours. Emmanuel reminded participants, “When you have clear goals, success will follow. You know what that success is. It’s how you live your life, how you become part of the solution.” Emmanuel finished with one of his songs, and everyone was inspired to get up and dance, for a high-energy ending to this motivating presentation.

You can learn more about Emmanuel Jal’s unique approach through his website:

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