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Donneil McNab

Vice President

Donneil is a dedicated advocate for racialized students and is deeply committed to providing them with specialized support at all levels of the education system. She actively collaborates with relevant stakeholders to address systemic barriers that hinder development and access in education and other sectors. Additionally, she is focused on fostering inclusive communities among equity-deserving groups by establishing safe and inclusive platforms for intersectional storytelling. Currently, she serves as the Black Student Initiatives Manager in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, where she continues to drive these initiatives forward.


In addition to her role at the university, Donneil is a co-founder and lead consultant of Power of Discourse Consulting (PoD-C). PoD-C is a consulting company that merges lived experience with evidence-based data to assist both for-profit and not-for-profit clients across the country in advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. Through PoD-C, Donneil also channels her passion for supporting underserved students, particularly through the Cultivating Safer Spaces program. This program offers K-12 educators government-funded professional development opportunities, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to foster safe environments for racialized children and children from other equity-deserving groups. 


Donneil strongly recognizes the importance of volunteering and actively engages in various roles to contribute to her community. Apart from her involvement with SIETAR BC, she holds the position of Director of Advocacy on the Board at WORTH. WORTH is a notable organization dedicated to educating and elevating women within the tourism, recreation, and hospitality industries.

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