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Anoushka Thakkar

Member at Large

Anoushka Thakkar, based in Victoria, BC, is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in mental health and communication. Currently pursuing an MA in Intercultural

and International Communication and holding an MSc in Psychology, Anoushka has contributed significantly to mental health initiatives in both Canada and India. Currently a Youth Support and Recovery Worker, she applies a trauma-

informed approach to empower youth. Anoushka's research contributions at The MINDS Foundation showcase her dedication to enhancing mental health literacy. Her volunteer engagements, spanning continents, highlight her commitment to community well-being. Anoushka's proficiency in research methods, community outreach, training, and crisis intervention, along with her leadership in health advocacy, make her a valuable asset. With a robust skill set encompassing technical and interpersonal abilities, Anoushka is poised to make meaningful contributions wherever her passion takes her.

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