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 NoorKhan S. Bawa

My interest is driven by a desire to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of my family's arrival here from Uganda by disrupting the legacy of the systems, attitudes and behaviors that precipitated our exodus and robustly continue to operate here.  While attending attending a Fellows dinner hosted in the before times by SFU's Center for Comparative Muslim Studies, I was struck by the eloquent question posed by a Canadian Fellow of Palestinian descent who asked, "What is the spiritual cost of living on stolen land?"  


Uncomfortable truths -once buried and obscured by powerful networks of complicity whose members have yet to be brought to justice- can no longer be denied.


As a first generation refugee, I was indoctrinated into that Euro-Canadian myth of two solitudes, two founding cultures.  Regrettably, this indoctrination did not include cultural literacy about the Protocols of the Indigenous Nations whose land I occupy.  Fortunately for me, my Canada World Youth experiences catalyzed my continuing process of awakening, a process grounded in social pedagogy and intercultural education.  I see how extraordinarily privileged I am to have benefited from such an education, one that I believe SIETAR is well placed to facilitate for all uninvited guests, be they 3rd or 4th generation settlers of European descent or newcomers.


NoorKhan S. Bawa, PMP (he/him)


Member at Large

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