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Camille Rambharat

Founder-Canboulay Training & Development | Career Development Coach & Mentorship Specialist | Accountability in the Workplace Activist


Camille’s mission is to make workplaces safe, respectful, and dignifying!


As a target of Workplace Bullying,  Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation for standing up and speaking out against the inhumane and traumatic experience, Camille suffered irreparable damage to her mental and physical health, marriage and relationship with her 3 beautiful children and friends. It left her in chaos and with a struggle to find her way out of the sunken place. 


Camille’s mission is to ensure that Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination ends. 


Social justice is not new to Camille. She is a wife, mother, advocate, author and champion for change. She ran a successful campaign to bring an end to laws which permitted child marriage in Trinidad and Tobago and has been an advocate for ending the practice of gender selection and the preference for male first-borns; highlighting the illegality of child brides; and filling skills gaps among minorities, especially women.


Work Shouldn’t Hurt!


Vice President

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