Introducing SIETAR BC Board - Sanchit Mittal

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Sanchit Mittal

SIETAR BC Board Member

Sanchit came to Canada as an international student, and now works in the Faculty of International Education at Vancouver Island University (VIU). He has diverse experience in working with various intercultural communities including LGBTQ2+ and refugees. He loves to engage in intercultural perspectives, and has worked with various multicultural groups throughout his academic and work life. With over five years of voluntary experience in various Indian and Canadian organisations, Sanchit has primarily been responsible for developing partnerships, fostering relationships and engaging the community via events and other outreach initiatives. He has also been an active participant in the Truth and Reconciliation dialogue at VIU.


Sanchit has recently finished the coursework for Masters in Business Administration (Marketing) from VIU, and is working towards his Masters of Science (International Management). He holds a bachelor’s degree in international Business, and a certification in Human Resource Management. In his free time, he loves travelling, exploring new places and cultures, and is passionate about learning new languages and experimenting with food. He speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Dogri, and has an introductory understanding of various other Indo-European languages.